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 *We have worked extremely hard to provide our customers with an exceptional classroom environment.  So moving forward, ANY drinks brought into our classroom must be in a CLOSED container.  No exceptions.

In this class we will cover the basics of Palette 11.  
In the fourth class we will cover the different Selection Tools and Data Types.  The differences between Shapes and Stitches and Open vs. Import.

  • Installing Palette 11 on your computer
  • Palette 11 applications and resources
  • Startup wizard
  • Layout and editing window
  • Data types used in Palette 11
  • Importing embroidery designs
  • Creating shapes, outlines, fills, colors
  • Sewing attributes
  • Sewing order and sewing simulator
  • Saving your embroidery design and transferring it to your embroidery machine
  • Adding text to your design
  • Using vector images (SVG files) to create embroidery
  • Using raster images (MBG,JPG files) to create embroidery

You need to be comfortable working in the Windows operating system, finding files and using applications.

Supply List for the class
*Bring your laptops, (and a mouse) with Palette 11 installed and maybe notepad and pen.  **And your dongle**