Flash Serger Retreats - NAPLES

Sue has been working in the home sewing industry for over 40 years. She has
shared her expertise with the sewing consumer in many fields. Many will recognize
her for her extensive work with sergers. Sue has co-authored several books on
serging including, Sewing With An Overlock by the Singer Sewing Reference Library,
Creative Serging by Palmer/Pletsch, Creative Serging Illustrated by the Chilton Book
Company and 101 Sewing Secrets by the Singer Sewing Reference Library.    

Having traveled all over the United States, Sue loves to teach and create.  She has
written several Owner’s Workbooks for the Baby Lock Sewing Machine Company.   
The new workbooks will teach consumers how to use their Baby Lock
sewing/embroidery machines, sergers and how to use the Palette Embroidery

Sue has also done training workshops for Baby Lock dealers how to use the Palette
software programs at Baby Lock Tech in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sue currently teaches hands-on serger and MasterWorks, Palette and Designer’s
Gallery software classes in the greater Northern California area.
Registration for either or both classes....

Class Fee is $249 for  three days of training.

Lunch and fabrics supplied daily.

CANCELLATION POLICY:   Due to the fact that we have to make commitments to provide supplies,
food,  and machines for your event, there can be no refunds or credits for
cancellations after December 26, 2016.  Cancellation fee subject to refund based on waiting list

NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS will be given to no shows.
No refunds given after you receive your software.

No returns given for missing days or partial days.


We are not able to accommodate walk-ins and/or non-preregistered individuals.
Yes, you'll be amongst the BEST in the entire nation...

Following up on her extraordinarily popular  Flash Cruise Sew and Quilt CRUISE, Sue
launches "Standing Ovation 3-Day Serger Retreat, Level 2" and another BEGINNER class!

We're glad to be one of the BEST sergers in the Nation!

Take everything you thought you knew about sergers and throw it out the door (well, except
what Sue's taught you.) Be prepared to be amazed: Sue's newest three-day serger course is
going to blow your ever-loving overlocking mind! Building on the potential and the techniques
you learned in Sue's Standing Ovation Level One three-day course, you're going to be floored
by the exceptional things you can and are going to accomplish with Sue during these three
follow-up days of her newest course.

Not only will you explore professional tried and true serger techniques, many developed by
Sue herself, you'll be even more amazed by the newest innovations Sue is launching with this

Don't know who Sue Green-Baker is? Widely considered "THE SERGER EXPERT", Sue has
been teaching sergers for as long as sergers have been on the home market. She has co-
authored several serger books, including Decorative Serging with Palmer/Pletsch, ABC’s Of
Serging with Tammy Young, Sewing With An Overlock by Singer Sewing Reference Library,
and published several serger technique workbooks and booklets.

Sue's got a great teaching style which puts everyone at ease. Like her Level 1 course, you will
receive a CD with Sue's workbooks in PDF file format. Your fee for the class not only includes
the CD, but a fabric sample packet for each day of the workshop so that you can complete the
fully illustrated, in color, step-by-step workbooks with samples. The CD and fabrics alone are
a $249 retail value.

Enrollment is limited. (Make note of this: EVERY class we have offered with Sue has filled to
capacity with wait lists... Don't wait to register until the last minute...
IF you don't own a
Baby Lock
CALL 239-304-8387 TODAY!
BASIC November 2, 3 & 4, 2017  
ADVANCED Feb. 8, 9 & 10, 2018
You must take the BASIC to participate in the ADVANCED class.
COMING FEB. 16, 17 & 18, 2016

Educator Patsy Shields
with SueGB educator
Patsy Shields