Due to photography and lighting....not all colors are accurately displayed.

As you enter our front door ....our fabrics are laid out logically in the store.  The front left section is
NEW FABRICS!   The wall to the back of the store is COLORIZED from lights to darks.
Then, the back and right are BATIKS........colorized for ease of shopping!

NOTE: Due to lighting and color variations....all fabrics may not appear as they actually are.

NOTE:  Don't wait to buy a fabric.  Just like an antique....you need to get it before it's gone!
WE DO NOT KEEP OLD FABRIC...we move fabric quickly
and sell slow selling items on clearance.
Old/antique fabric does not appreciate in value or price.

We PRIDE ourselves in having the newest fabrics in Florida!

Our fabrics sell fast...all fabrics shown may not be in stock.

CHECK "flash sew and quilt"  on FACEBOOK for all the NEW items!
And, before we get to far down the Fabric Highway.....just let me say....
QUILT FABRIC FALLS IN THE "fashion" catagory!
It's THE SAME as fashions in your department store!
You want this years fashion.....and Flash has FASHION!
And, IF you can find more beautiful BATIKS in Florida....let me know where they are!
I would love to see them!
Once AGAIN we earned the
SOUTHWEST FLORIDA (from Bradenton to Key West)
Thanks to our customers for their confidence in Flash!
1575 Pine Ridge Road #13         Naples, Florida        239-304-8387        OPEN 10-5 Mon.-Fri. / 10-4 Saturday
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