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Destiny Positioning Class
For the Destiny and Destiny II owners, we bring you this positioning class that will
teach you the five ways you have to position a design with your machine. At the end
of this 2-part class, you will have completed a table topper.  Class I will cover the use
of the cameras and the embroidery positioning sticker. Class 2 will include the laser
pen and the machine's precise positioning function.
Class I:  Tuesday, 11/07 10:00am - 2:00pm
Class II:  Tuesday, 11/14  10:00am - 2:00pm
Registeration Required


IQ Designer Basics

Get comfortable with your Destiny's IQ Designer features. On the first day
if this 2-part series, you will scan in different designs, change their fill and
line type, create and modify creative designs using the module's 'stamp"
function, and then turn your design into embroidery. The following week,
we will create appliques and backfills to enhance your embroidery design.

Part 1: Tuesday, 01/23 or Tuesday, 03/13  10 - 2
Part II:  Tuesday, 01/30 or Tuesday, 03/20  10 - 2

IQ Designer Basic Supply List:

Class 1:
Destiny sewing machine
Embroidery Arm
Scanning Hoop with 6 magnets
Power cord

Class 2:
Destiny Sewing Machine
Embroidery Arm
Scanning Hoop with 6 magnets
Embroidery Hoop, 5 x 7" or larger
Power Cord
Scraps of fabric for applique
2-3 colors Embroidery Thread
Embroidery Foot
Embroidery Bobbin Thread in bobbin
stabilizer to fit hoop

Using the Embroidery Outline Feature

Use a feature in the Destiny's embroidery module to
outline a design and then use the  IQ Designer to
make a unique backfill for the design.  Sew out the
design in class to make a placemat. Use our serger to
finish off the edges instead of binding, if you'd like.
Tuesday, 02/06 or Tuesday, 03/27  10am - 2pm

Using the Embroidery Outline Feature Supply List        

Embroidery Arm
Embroidery foot
Embroidery threads for machine's design + backfill
1/3 yard each for top and for backing
thin batting
power cord

Pickle Pie Graceful Gathers Purse
This feminine bag includes a graceful monogram and gathered
fabric, all made-in-the-hoop! Price includes design collection that
comes in 3 sizes (5 x 7, 6 x 8, 7.5 x 10) and the monogram font.

Saturday, 01/25  10 - 3  $29

Graceful Gathers Purse Supply List:

Embroidery machine
Embroidery Arm
Embroidery Foot
Applicable hoop size
Sticky tearaway stabilizer
Embroidery Thread
Bobbin and embroidery bobbin thread
Water soluble topping
1/2" Purse Hardware
Seam Tape (optional)
Power cord

Fabric for 5 x 7 Wristlet:
1/3 yard main fabric (shoulder strap
or 1/4 yard for wristlet
1/4 yard coording fabric
1/4 yard batting

Fabric for 8 x 12  or 6 x 10 purse:
1/2 yard main fabric
1/4 yard coordinating fabric
1/4 yard batting

Valentine Pillow

Use your Destiny to create, embroider and sew this
beautiful pillow. Pillow includes blocks you will embroider
with IQ Designer's Fills. Add dimension to your project
with  pretty 3-D flowers. We have flower designs we can
share with you, or you can create your own using the IQ

Saturday, 01/27 10 - 4   $29

Valentine Pillow Supply List
Supplies to be announced
Lace Placemat

Create this placemat, complete with lace
edging, and a Monogram Font, using your
Destiny's IQ Designer and Embroidery mode.  
Lace Edging design will be provided.

Saturday, 03/03  10 - 2  $29

Lace Placemat Supply List

Embroidery Arm
9-1/2 x 14" hoop
Embroidery Thread for inside lace, Monogram and
outside edging.
Bobbin embroidery thread.
Power cord
Embroidery foot
organza, approximately 9 x 14"
Dissolve Away stabilizer to fit hoop